This season Dany Atrache walked his guests into the walls of “l’ École de Médecine” in Paris as in Secret Garden…. A woman’s undeclared dream world of stunning beauty.

This empowered woman, nearly wild, unburdened by all the limitations, is determined to move ahead in her choices. She upholds a modern and lyrical style at once by playing with noble materials, such as the Organdie or the Silk adorned with prints and flowers embroidered with variant colors of dark blue pastel with white color blocks, black and silver.

This season Haute Couture of Dany Atrache mirrors a woman that attracts attention, enjoying it, she is a multiple woman, flamboyant, seductive and equally delicate. In the harmony of the days, she is everything and its opposite at the same time, a woman who does not need any embellishment to be distinct. The only thing she needs is a dress designed by her favorite couturier to smoothly enjoy the season.